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SAOMAI Communication's products and solution integrated cutting-edge technology with strong manufactureres agreements to provide the best solution for your all-kind organization.
According to the recent agreements, SAOMAI will distribute PineApp's security products in Vietnam

Together with their solutions and services, SAOMAI Communication Corp assists home users, businesses, and service providers with the ability to catch up with the safety and most efficiency Information Age.

Founded in 2002, PineApp is headquartered in Israel, with branch offices in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, France and South Africa. The name "PineApp" is a combination of two words: pine and app; Pine is a popular Linux/Unix email client, while app stands for Appliance.

In the past five years PineApp has specialized in email and content security systems and already has significant presence in more than 50 countries. This specialty enabled PineApp to establish itself as a pioneer in developing unique and innovative engines to fight the different threats.

PineApp, a leader in securing networks and email systems, offers comprehensive appliance solutions for small, medium and large organizations.

PineApp Mail-SeCure provides your organization an email perimeter security protection, by combining an advanced three-tier policy engine with the best threat filtering suite; multi-layered Anti-Virus with Zero-Hour detection engine, multi-layered Anti-Spam engine with proven Image-based Spam detection technology, a Fraud Protection system and much more.

PineApp Surf-SeCure provides an in-line real-time filtering system that protects your organization from threats, such as Viruses & Spyware, enforcing your organization's surfing policy, using content filtering tools such as URL database, Active Content Recognition etc.

PineApp ZombiCop provides a scalable and cost efficient infrastructure for ISPs, saving bandwidth usage and providing business continuity. With ZombiCop, unwanted communication is blocked and ISP's mail-servers' blacklisting are significantly lowered. ZombiCop not only improves the detection of zombie-based threats and protects organizations, but also improves detection ratio of existing Spam, Virus and Phishing systems.

PALI - PineApp Lawful Interception: Lawful interception is the interception of telecommunications by law enforcement agencies (LEA's) and intelligence services, in accordance with local law following due process and proper authorization from competent authorities. PALI offers a complete and flexible end-to-end solution for any infrastructure, filtering all the non-relevant content, thus providing a pinpointed and accurate processing of the relevant information.
PineApp's products are well known in the industry and have received very positive reviews, positioning them as leading in their field.

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